New OG Products

New Organo Gold Products

OrGano Gold is proud to announce our 3 new products: CAFÉ SUPREME, OG SMILE Toothpaste, and our Premium Gourmet ROYAL BREWED Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee.

Café Supreme features a special blend of Coffee with our 100% Certified Organic Ganoderma and Malaysian Ginseng! Featuring the Superior Panax Ginseng, the drink is a smooth latte blend perfect for morning coffee drinkers looking for a burst of energy.

OG Smile Toothpaste has been developed for the special care and health of your teeth and gums. By using Ganoderma within toothpaste, OG Smile is able to help strengthen your oral health while also providing great breath with the fresh taste of mint!

OrGano Gold introduces the one and only: Royal Brewed. Royal Brewed is OrGano Gold’s Premium Gourmet Coffee with freshly ground Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee & 100% Organic Ganoderma Spore Powder! With only the highest ingredients available, OrGano Gold has delivered an extremely smooth and tasteful Brewed Coffee for all coffee lovers out there. It is a premium product in it’s own category and only available here, at OrGano Gold.